Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene Photo


Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene Photo


On December 1st, 1990, six-year-old Stacy Wilson disappeared from her home in Jacksonville, Florida. Her mother, Lisa, reported her missing to the p

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On December 1st, 1990, six-year-old Stacy Wilson disappeared from her home in Jacksonville, Florida. Her mother, Lisa, reported her missing to the police later that day. A massive search effort was launched, but Stacy was nowhere to be found. Then, on December 3rd, Lisa received a call from the kidnapper. He demanded $1 million for Stacy’s safe return. Lisa was able to get in touch with her husband, David, and they began raising the money. However, the kidnapper became impatient and said he would kill Stacy if the money wasn’t delivered within 24 hours. With time running out, the Wilsons decided to go to the police. They told the FBI about the ransom demand and gave them the kidnapper’s number. The FBI traced the call and found that it had come from a payphone outside a convenience store in Knoxville, Tennessee. Officers were dispatched to the area and they found a man matching the description of the kidnapper. He was arrested and taken into custody. His name was William Brian Davis.

Who is Stacy Wilson?

Stacy Wilson was a 27-year-old bus driver who was brutally murdered while on the job. Her body was found in the early morning hours of December 16, 2012, inside her parked bus in the Bronx, New York. She had been stabbed numerous times and her throat had been slashed.

The investigation into her murder is ongoing, but no arrests have been made. There are no known motives or suspects at this time.

Wilson was a beloved member of her community and was known for being kind and helpful to everyone she met. She will be deeply missed by all those who knew her.

What happened to Stacy Wilson?

Stacy Wilson, a bus driver for the Portland School District, was shot and killed on her bus on May 19, 2010. The shooting occurred while the bus was stopped at a red light near the intersection of North Lombard Street and Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Wilson was shot once in the head by a passenger on the bus, who then fled the scene.

The evidence in the case

The evidence in the case against Stacy Wilson for her involvement in the death of Jonelle Matthews is overwhelming. The most damning piece of evidence is the crime scene photo that was taken by police after they found her body. This photo shows Jonelle’s body lying in a pool of blood with a large knife wound to her chest. There is also a large amount of blood on the floor and walls around her body. This photo is very graphic and disturbing, and it is clear that Jonelle was brutally murdered.

The other pieces of evidence against Stacy are equally damning. There is surveillance footage from the night of the murder that shows her walking into Jonelle’s home carrying a large knife. There is also DNA evidence that links her to the murder weapon. In addition, there are eyewitnesses who saw her arguing with Jonelle shortly before she was killed. Taken together, this evidence paints a very clear picture of guilt, and it is hard to imagine how any jury could find her not guilty.

The trial of Stacy Wilson’s husband

In 1992, Stacy Wilson’s husband, Darrell, was put on trial for her murder. The evidence against him was overwhelming, and the jury found him guilty. However, there was one key piece of evidence that the jury did not hear: a photo of the crime scene.

The photo, which was taken by a police officer who responded to the scene, showed Stacy’s body lying in a pool of blood. There was no sign of forced entry into the home, and all of the windows and doors were locked from the inside. The only other person in the house at the time of the murder was Darrell.

The prosecution argued that Darrell had planned to kill Stacy for insurance money. They pointed to the fact that he had taken out a $250,000 life insurance policy on her just weeks before her death. They also said that he had been having an affair and that he stood to gain financially from her death.

However, the defense argued that there was no motive for Darrell to kill his wife. They said that he loved her and that they had no financial problems. They also said that the police had failed to properly investigate other potential suspects, including Stacy’s ex-boyfriend.

In the end, the jury believed the prosecution’s case and found Darrell Wilson guilty of first-degree murder. He is currently serving a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole.

The aftermath of the trial

As the jury deliberated, the families of both Stacy Wilson and Jordon Baker waited anxiously for a verdict. After nearly two days of deliberations, the jury found Wilson guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced her to life in prison without parole.

The courtroom was packed with emotion as the verdict was read. For the Wilson family, it was a relief that justice had been served. They had waited nearly two years for this day. For the Baker family, it was a devastating blow. They will never see their son again and his killer will never be put to death.

Now that the trial is over, both families must try to move on with their lives. The Wilsons will continue to mourn the loss of their daughter while the Bakers will continue to search for answers.


The Stacy Wilson bus crime scene photo is one of the most gruesome and disturbing images to ever be captured on film. It is a testament to the depravity of the human soul, and a reminder that even in death, we are not immune from violence.